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Parents, Teens and Technology Resources

These resources are a list of things I'm gathering as material for further study beyond the points of discussion for a seminar on the topic I'll be giving at Calvary Bible Church.

The Story of a Good Muslim faced with Christ Jesus

This video is an interesting testimony of a man who came from a strong and loving Muslim family. By any typical cultural definition his father loved him. It wasn't an easy thing to face the truth of Christ, but he eventually did. I hope you enjoy this man's story.

Difficult Terms, Difficult Change

Rick Love wrote an interesting article about the use of the term "Missions" in church. It is called Called to Conquer or Commissioned to Bless? Why I Dislike the Term “Missions”. In it he argues that we need to drop the militaristic perspective of missions.

"the blacklight" by pumthuggee

I encourage you to watch this in full-screen. Here's the text intro to the video:

"We can look good and clean when the lighting is right but sometimes a tragedy, experience or personal failure can cause us to see ourselves in a different way. When the blacklights go on, our hidd..."

The Medium of Geek

I was speaking with a guy I work with today. We were discussing a policy to record communication with our missionaries so that we were sure to have a record of their activities, news and progress on their ministry plan. The idea that we'd have interesting information for future missionary biographies was an interesting support for such policy. As soon as we started talking about dealing with the telephone, somehow his brain started hearing the word "record" in a different context. While I continued to use it to reference the general writing down of things, he began to think more specifically of the audio recording of the conversation. It took awhile to track down the change in definition and it was confusing for both of us.

I would argue that the reason that he switched so quickly to a more complicated understanding of the word "record" is partially because of the techy medium used to communicate it. In less jargony terms, I (the geek) was the person talking about it.

How Does Technology Affect the Gospel?

Since reading Shane Hipps book, "The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture", this question has been more heavily on my mind. How does technology affect the Gospel? I don't think it is something that the church thinks about nearly enough.

An Atheist Meets A Real Christian...

and he saw something that surprised him.

Meaningful Note from Romania

I'm swamped by email at the moment, but I wanted to take a moment to share with you an encouraging moment from Romania.

Beauty in Diversity

I really enjoy many things about the move back into the beautiful land of Pennsylvania. Their is something about having hills and mountains around that I appreciate, but I find my mind wandering on occasion to something I miss. Washington Bible College was great in the diversity of culture. We really did not have a cultural majority among the student body.

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