Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are often asked us. Hopefully you will find these answers useful. If not, feel free to contact us. As we come up with more common questions, they will be added here.

In order to contact us, you have several methods. You could use our contact form or you could call us directly (301) 560-1530, but perhaps the most interesting way to ask a question is to submit it to our Podcast Question Box. This way, you'll submit you question over the phone. It will be recorded and then we'll answer it in our podcast. This way others will get in on the conversation. No matter how you choose to ask it, we'll be glad to hear from you.

How Can I Financially Support You?

Check out our Giving page for information on giving to Fellowship International Mission in support of our ministry. On that page you will find information about our goals, suggested levels of support and the procedure for sending in support. Thank you for your interest.

How Can I Pray for You?

In our current stage of ministry, our focus is building a prayer and financial support team. Our mission agency requires that we have 100 prayer supporters, but we sure could use the faithful prayer of even more people. If you'd like to become a part of our prayer support team, please contact us and let us know.

Here are some of the major things we are requesting prayer for in this stage of ministry.

Our email list will include more detailed prayer requests so if you are interested in following our ministry, we definitely encourage signing up and send us a message to let up know of your interest so that we can be sure to include you.

How Can I Receive Regular Reports?

We have a few primary ways to receive regular reports and would be glad to send them to you.

You may choose either or both of these options. We have yet to determine the frequency of either item, but the email list will certainly be a more frequent and detailed report; however, each one will be shorter than the mailing list. The mailing list will be a more traditional prayer letter that will come through the post in a more polished form.

To subscribe to our email list click on Emailing List above and to subscribe to our snail mail list send an email to with your name and address along with a note that you would like to be added to the snail mail list.

To find out what a news feed is and subscribe, check out this page. It should help you get started with keeping track of us. :-)

How Do I Use the News Feed?

If you aren't familiar with RSS, which I use for our News Feed then you probably don't know the benefits of this technology. News feeds allow you to take the news from many of the sites around the web and dump it all into one place that will notify you of changes. This means you can digests more information in less time and be more intentional about it. Sites that support news feeds vary from news paper and radio websites to personal blogs and political commentary sites and everything in between. In fact, podcasts also use this technology.

If you haven't started using this technology already, I recommend you start by signing up for an account at Bloglines. They are a free online service that handles tracking your news feeds.

Once you have an account with them, you will log in,

You can follow these same directions to see and any news feed on the web to bloglines. This is a great way to have a program bring content to you. The news feeds I follow can be found here and you are welcome to watch them with me.

What Will You Do?

Rachel will be coordinating hospitality services for the missionaries as they transition back into the United States for furlow or other reasons or as they prepare to return to the mission field God has called them to.

Josiah will be handling many of the technical aspects from websites to desktop repair and many things between. His focus will be in facilitationg communication between missionaries, their supporters, especially their key accountability church, and Fellowship International Mission.

Where Will You Be?

We will be moving to Allentown, PA, the location of Fellowship International Mission's home office where we can best serve the missionaries around the world who have chosen to serve with Fellowship International Mission.

Will You Travel To Other Missionaries to Help Them?

We won't be traveling outside the country in the immediate future. Our best service to FIM is done at the home office where the missionaries will each come to regularly. This means that every few years, we will be interacting with all of the 150+ missionaries.

Going out to the missionaries would cost a lot of money. Fortunately, when this sort of thing is needed, I will be able to connect to their computers remotely. There are a number of types of software that allow this.