Consider Giving

We are excited that you are thinking about giving financially to this ministry. We couldn't do it without people like you supporting us and believe that your gifts are glorifying God through your participation and recognition of your stewardship of His funds. As you examine us, we hope you will be excited about our ability to use God's money wisely and to further His purpose to bring people from all nations to Him.

Our Goals

As you consider giving, we'd like to share a few thought with you. First, there are a couple ways to give. You can give a one time gift towards our deputation expenses or other projects we might have at the time. Alternatively, you can give regularly (often monthly) towards the regular expenses of keeping us in a position to do the ministry God has given us. Both are needed, but our current goals focus on people interested in regular gifts.

People Gift Size Total
10 100 1,000
35 50 1,750
50 25 1,250
95 Totals 4,000

This table shows some of our goals for regular financial giving. We have three levels of suggested monthly giving; $25, $50 and $100. In each of these we have set a goal number of people to fulfil these gifts. As an example, we need 35 people to give $50/mo to meet our goal at the $50 level. This will bring in $1,750 towards our financial goals. We plan to raise $4,000 through the goals in this chart. The rest will come in through people who choose to give outside the suggested amounts.

Some find this number a bit high when they first see it. We find this is generally because they expect it to be equivalent to our salary. This is not quite true. Besides our salary, the healthcare provided throug the agency must also be funded out of this and also the portion of the income tax that is paid by FIM as the organization officially "paying" us. If you would like to discuss this further, we'd be glad to sit down with you and show you the numbers we have budgeted for these gifts.

Ways to Give

Here is a link to our Direct Giving option. With this option you choose a designated amount to be withdrawn from you account each month.

If you wish to send a one time gift or prefer to send a check by mail, please make checks payable to FIM and send along with a short note of intention to the address below:

Fellowship International Mission
555 South 24th St.
Allentown, PA 18104-6666