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Hi my name is Josiah Ritchie. If you are here, you probably have met us already, but just in case allow me to introduce us. My wife Rachel and I were both saved as children and felt called by God to missionary service in High School. We met while studying at Washington Bible College and have been married three years. Our hearts desire is to see God glorified through the praise of people from nations all over the world. We will work in the Fellowship International Mission home office enabling 150 missionaries in 35 countries to focus on the call God has given by providing technology solutions and hospitality services.

Many missionaries rely on computers more than ever before. Before computers, bible translations would need to be retyped completely for each revision resulting in the duplication of hours of labor for each book of the Bible. Computers have also become an essential part of missionary communication and record keeping. Email, Internet Access, Collaboration Projects and reports both to and from the home office are only a small portion of the uses.

Currently, FIM's technical labor is being done by staff responsible for missionary care and short-term mission projects. Consequently, both areas suffer and forward thinking to provide long-term solutions is difficult. Much paperwork such as progress reports result in regular duplication of entry that could be streamlined.

Rachel is excited about using her gifts in handling the accomodations of missionaries and other visitors to the mission home office. This includes the admininistration of the hospitality suite, arranging transportation to and from airports, recommending tourist spots and generally recognizing and meeting personal needs visitors may have while visiting FIM.

The hospitality suite is currently handled by the administrative assistant staff reducing the time they are able to spend on other tasks that fall more closely to their gifts and assignments.

In both these areas, we find God's unique call on us to support the call of others in His service. The ability to focus specifically on these two areas will provide improvement in the handling of not only these areas, but also will directly free others in the home office to service in other capacities.

Please feel free to contact us. Email me at josiah@fim.org. Our mailing address is 2912 Arcadia Ave. Allentown, PA 18103.

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Josaih and Rachel, we are looking forward to having you at our World Awareness Confernce this yeat at CBC. I was just checking your blog to write up a bio. for you in our bulliten. See you soon Bob

What a great idea. :-) I hope you found everything you need. If not, pop an email our direction. I'll be glad to fill the blanks. 

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