Call In Your Question

In an effort to take the Podcast segment of the site a bit more seriously I setup a free voicemail box over lunch break today. I'm hoping that people will call in and leave their questions. Then I'll play their recorded question in our podcast and answer it. It is sort of like having an extended conversation with the entire world. Plus, you'll get to hear yourself in a real live podcast! If you are long winded, the voicemail box will accept up to an hour long message. I reserve the right to not podcast the entire hour long question though. :-)

So how can you ask us your question? Simply call (641) 985-5700 and enter the access code 238807# (That's ADUU07# if you prefer it in letters. ) I found leaving a message could be a bit tempermental. Maybe that was because I was in a noisy office with lots of computer fans, but be sure to hit # when you are done the message so that you can listen to it and make sure it was recorded correctly. If not, you can always try again.

Do note, that is probably a long distance number to just about everyone. I'd have to pay to get an 800 number and I figure almost everyone already has a cell phone plan with "free" long-distance that they don't use up. I know this is true of Rachel and I.

Thanks to SimpleVoiceBox for providing this free service. It's pretty handy for our use.