Meaningful Note from Romania

I'm swamped by email at the moment, but I wanted to take a moment to share with you an encouraging moment from Romania.

At the home office, we rarely get to here directly from the people that are affected by the ministries we serve. Perhaps that makes it more meaningful when it does happen. This morning I had a hand-written note in my box from George. Their was no last name and I said, "uh oh, I can't remember any of our missionaries having a first name of George". Dean enlightened me. The message wasn't from one of our missionaries, but rather a person that FIM Missionaries Craig and Debbie Borgard work with in Romania among the Gypsy people. George spoke glowingly of the Borgard's ministry and what God had allowed them to do in assisting him in his own work among his people.

Craig and Debbie have also shown a gracious spirit of thankfulness towards FIM and particularly towards what I've been able to do for them. I'd like to say that I've been able to do everything they've ever needed, but my time and theirs hasn't permitted me to complete all that they need. However, they are still greatful.

I suppose I hang tightly onto these in my mind as they encourage me that God has made me for a purpose  and I'm fulfilling the purpose now. Praise God!

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What a shame your missionaries don't have the same kind of gratitude for those who launched them on their way in life and made it possible for them to live the rest of their lives on somebody else's dime.

That sounds like something our office would want to hear about. FIM takes integrity and accountability seriously. If you have a specific complaint concerning an FIM missionary please find the contact information here and either fill out the form or call into the office. That area is experiencing power problems. I am out of the area because I'm not expected to have power until late Thurs. night, but the office was able to be open this morning so you should be able to get a hold of someone and at least leave a message. If you are not comfortable talking with the mission, you might also consider discussing things with a missionaries sending church.

I'm celebrating with you on this one. Thanks for sharing it.