The Story of a Good Muslim faced with Christ Jesus

This video is an interesting testimony of a man who came from a strong and loving Muslim family. By any typical cultural definition his father loved him. It wasn't an easy thing to face the truth of Christ, but he eventually did. I hope you enjoy this man's story.

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Thanks for posting this Josiah! Esther Fleece pointed me to your post.
If you get a chance, make sure to check out Abdu's book: Apocalypse Later.

Your welcome. I was recommended to watch it on twitter. Here's the tweet:

Recently I'm interested in reading other people emotions. Is it possible that sometimes we mislead others because our way of expressing ourselves feelings is different? With you have no doubt because you rather get your physical reaction (arousal) or not, you can always check and you cannot hide this. Yet, with feelings of affection, love, hate, sadness, happiness you may trick others and, what is the most terrible, yourself. So, thanks for sharing your video!