Parents, Teens and Technology Resources

These resources are a list of things I'm gathering as material for further study beyond the points of discussion for a seminar on the topic I'll be giving at Calvary Bible Church.

Disclaimer: I don't fully endorse any of these materials. I consider them good resources to stimulate thought, discussion and understanding of the impact of technology on our culture and how to use this knowledge in becoming a Christian who can impact the culture to God's glory.

Video: Resolution for Surviving the Future

Book: The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture by Shane Hipps
Book: How Should We Then Live? by Francis A. Schaeffer
Book: Culture Shift by David W. Henderson
Book: The Millennium Matrix by M. Rex Miller

Article: A Parent's Guide to Social Networking
Article: A Parent's Role in Putting a Stop to Cyberbullying
Article: Working At Home: Family Friendly?
Brief Article: Clarity and the Technological Society
Article: Boy Scout Video Game Loop and Pin
Article: McLuhan’s Tetrad in Social Media

Booklet: The Family Cell Phone Guide
Booklet: The Complete Parent's Guide to Teenage Texting

InfoGraph: How are Teens Using their Cell Phones?

Website: Teen Chat Acronymn Decoder
Website: Mobile-Spy
Website: Web Wise Kids
Website: Cyber Safety for Children
Website: GetNetWise
Website: Surfing The Laws of Media

Game: Chore Wars

Comic: Facebook Friends in Youth Group
Comic: Fan the Church

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